AMC Advanced Metal Components LTD

Our major focus is on short run precision machining, with typical batch sizes up to 2000 items.

We are able to machine virtually any material using our state of the art CNC lathes, milling, and drilling equipment supported by our conventional machinery.

Currently we are working with stainless, mild, carbon and tool steel, copper, brass, aluminum, GP03, and Acetyl plastics. Naturally we can adapt to other materials on request, and have yet to be beaten!

A regular feature of our workload is difficult, tightly-toleranced components, but the breadth of experience we have allows us to take on all manner of precision engineering work, with the intention of making life easier for the customer.

This reactive precision machining market, that the company has positioned itself in, necessitates the use of a wide range of machinery with accuracy, repeatability and reliability all of which are provided by the following machines;

“AMC: precision machining in any material”

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